Staying Organized In Style With Great Pantry Design Ideas

Let’s erase the image of messy, smelly and dirty pantry with new organizing design ideas. Who said we can’t have organized pantry despite we have small space, while there are also lots of things to be stored? Let’s see what our pantry can turn into by staying organized in style with great pantry design ideas.

If you have small pantry room, then we need tall cupboards or racks rather than the wide one. If your pantry has typical U-shape like a tunnel, then place two cupboards leaning against the both sides of wall and leave the middle part for sink or stove or even other cabinets. Make sure to make use of the cupboard or racks according to what you use the middle part for. For example, let’s say you use the middle part for sink, than the cupboards are used to store clean dishes. Let’s say the middle part is for stove, then one cupboard is used for storing seasonings and ingredients, while the other part for storing kitchenware.

If you have larger space and you can have more cupboards, racks or displays, then it would be easier. First, you need to divide each item into groups of same purpose, like kitchenware, seasoning, eating utensils, and cooking ingredients. Soon after that, arrange them on the racks according to its function and groups.