Room Decoration With Bookshelf Inside

Books, who doesn’t love it? But how about putting bookshelf as room decoration, is it possible? This is a good news for bookworm or home design enthusiast that bookshelf would also make your home more adorable. Let’s see these ideas of room decoration with bookshelf inside.

If you have lots of books collection which would spend more than three bookshelves to store them, then let’s make it into your new wall. The perfect place to make this book-wall would be living room. Cover whole living room’s wall with bookshelves without blocking the window, and arrange all furniture without leaning against them. It’s strongly recommended to alternate the books arrangement with ornaments to make it look fresher and more colorful. If your house is two-storey type, then turn the second floor into books display and let it be seen from the below through the empty space around stairs.

If you have lots of books but lack of space to put separate bookshelves, then try transforming the wall surrounding the door into bookshelves. Normally you would have some space to divide the living room and other room, which some people will attach door or build the wall with narrow space shaping door in the middle. Transform that wall into bookshelves to deal with the space.