Black and White for Bold and Beautiful

If you are like me, you will not like a place that is barren and plain. You will want a place that screams alive and vibrant. If you are like me, you will have your place rich with statement colors as well as accent colors. And if you are like me, you get bored very easily no matter how people seem to never cease to be amazed by your place. Again if you are like me, you love changes and trying new things as often as you possibly can.

I am currently feeling like something is off with my living room and so I have decided that I would do something about it. I have come to a decision that I want to get back to basic. I am going to paint my living room black and white stripes. They are basic yet together they make a statement. And it also means that the end result will leave the room with enough space for other colors.

Now, however, I am considering between applying the colors on my wall, my ceiling, or my floor. Those are the spaces I have never left behind. Obviously, for the wall I will have to make it in conventional stripes either horizontally or vertically. As for the ceiling, diagonal stripe pattern is also nice although I need to make sure that the colors and the height of the walls are suitable for such dramatic ceiling. The floor leaves me with more possibility. However, I am not going to redo the flooring due to the, you know, costly procedure.

Otherwise, I can just accentuate my living room with black and white stripe accessories such as new curtains, pillow cases, simple sculpture, paintings, rug, runner, or vase. Oh how the possibility is endless with black and white stripes. I did not know at first that I can do so much with just basic colors. I hope I do not just make you as confused as I am. Check out the photos we have on black and white stripes.

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